Steve Kaufman: The Road to Success


Representing the BMW brand has always been a source of pride for Steve Kaufman, general sales manager at Competition BMW.

“I’m working for the top-selling luxury brand in the U.S. market,” Kaufman says.

Kaufman grew up in a household that spoke “car,” learning the language from his father, the owner of two Long Island dealerships. 

Kaufman came to Competition BMW with an extensive background and experience selling BMWs at both Rallye Motors on Long Island and Greenwich BMW. But the four-hour daily commute between his home in Centerport and Greenwich eventually took its toll on the father of four.

“I had to compromise a lot of things for my job, but I kept in touch with Joe Buzzetta, and when an opportunity opened up for me at Competition BMW, I immediately took him up on the offer to come onboard,” he says.

As Competition BMW’s general sales manager, it’s Kaufman’s mission to guide the sales team with his proven leadership skills and a big dose of inspiration.

“We have a very talented staff, and I would like to grow our business by hiring more client advisors. Finding qualified human capital is our most valuable resource,” he adds.

Kaufman says that his job entails much more than selling and delivering BMWs, explaining that he considers the relationships forged with clients invaluable.

“People buy from whom they like. I will go out of my way to do things for a client that they might not expect, like informing them of offers and deals they might not be aware of,” he says. “Over the years, I have followed a management style built upon a technique called ‘Road to the Sale,’ which takes the car buyer and client advisor through the car-buying process.” 

Today, more than any other time in history, car buyers are more knowledgeable and savvy when purchasing a vehicle, and it is Kaufman’s job to be ready to provide them with the information they need.

“We strive for transparency with our clients,” he says. “If they are shopping online, they want to know that what they see on our website is what they’ll find when they come to our store.”

Kaufman explains that it takes a variety of skills, including negotiating, marketing and finance, to operate a dealership of Competition BMW’s size, plus you need to be a problem-solver, a skill in which he excels.

“I like problem-solving, especially ones with a beginning, middle and end,” Kaufman says. “I like to work smart and I certainly don’t like to lose a sale. When I’m home, I read a lot, and if I come across an interesting article, I’ll share it with the team.”

With that positive focus on success, Kaufman sees tremendous growth potential and opportunity at Competition BMW.

“We’re located in a great area, with plenty of opportunities for people who would love to own the Ultimate Driving Machine,” he says.

“I want everyone to feel once they’ve purchased a BMW from us or have their vehicle serviced here, they will be in the Competition BMW family for life.”


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