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1. Teen Drivers:


New York State Ranks #1 as the Best State for Teen Drivers. (Based on the number of teen driver fatalities to average cost of car repairs to impaired-driving laws.)

Best:  New York, Oregon, Illinois

Worst:  North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana

2. BMW:

The unrivaled leader in self-driving technology and electric mobility. KPMG Global Survey 2017.

3. The BMW 535i and BMW 535xi were among the top 11 safest vehicles on the road today.

CNN Money reported that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety identified 11 different car and SUV models were identified with no fatalities over a four year period, from 2012 to 2015.

4. BMW: the Most Seductive Car in France

According to a recent French survey, 82% of the respondents said a 3-Series is hotter than a Ferrari 488 Spider.   

5. Consumer Reports…

released their list of best-performing brands for 2017, based on a combination of road tests, evaluating predicted reliability, owner satisfaction and safety.

BMW earned a recommendation on every model they tested.


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