Meet The Competition BMW Geniuses

Rachel Rosenthal

Rachel Rosenthal

Genius is all about mastery and the team of BMW Geniuses at Competition have mastered their products and features. They are also endowed with outgoing personalities and top-notch customer service skills. As BMW’s resident experts, they are responsible for delivering comprehensive information in layman’s terms and helping their customers get the full use of their vehicles.

Competition BMW has three Geniuses on staff. We met with Rachel Rosenthal, a Genius for almost a year. Rachel is immediately engaging with a sense of humor about herself.

“I am the favorite Genius!”


A self-described car nerd, the Dix Hills native began her career in the automotive industry when she was just 15 years old as a receptionist for a Toyota dealership.

After attending college, Rachel embarked on a career path that didn’t detour from her first love: cars.

“It’s easy to learn about something you enjoy,” she says with a smile.

“As a Genius, I want to breed new BMW lovers. I want to make everyone as excited about the product as I am.”

When BMW rolls out a new product, Rachel says it’s hard not to get excited.

“Our vehicles are some of the most technologically advanced available, and with that comes an opportunity to learn something new and different,” she explains. “It’s my job to explain how our vehicles and features work in a way that our customers and sales team can understand.”

Rachel’s love of cars started when she was a child.

“My dad was always a fan of classic cars and always pointed out different brands and told me different stories about them,” she says.

Rachel says her most frequent request from customers is how to pair their Bluetooth phones with their BMW.

“My parents were teachers,” she explains, “so showing people how their BMW works comes naturally to me.”


An industry innovator, BMW is at the forefront of new advancements. Knowing BMW’s reputation made Rachel’s choice of whom she wanted to work for easy. The family-type atmosphere at Competition cemented her decision.

“That’s what is different about Competition BMW, and it stems from the top down,” Rachel explains. “Competition has a great owner, which leads to great leadership. Everyone here works as a team. It’s so different here than where I worked previously. There’s a positive attitude here, and working with management, who are hands-on, makes such a difference. They take the time to know who we are as individuals.”

Before becoming certified as a BMW Genius, Rachel went through rigorous training.

“We had 40 hours of online training and then went to BMW headquarters in New Jersey for another week,” she says.

While in training, Rachel got to meet Geniuses from the Tri-State

“When we’re together, we rehash processes and throw out ideas about how to go about explaining a new product,” she says. “All of the Long Island Geniuses are friendly with one another.”


Rachel exudes her enthusiasm for BMW, even when she’s not at the dealership.

“I’m BimmerBlondie on Instagram and Twitter,” she says.

Every other Sunday morning during the spring and summer you can find Rachel at her rendition of Cars and Coffee, Competition’s Bimmers and Bagels, regaling customers with the latest news from BMW.

When she isn’t talking about cars, you can find her on a boat sailing from Captree, Moriches or Montauk.

“I’m an avid fisherman, and I like to cook,” she says.

Her favorite mode of transportation to get to the water is, of course, her BMW.

“Anytime you have the opportunity to let a car open up on Ocean Parkway, it’s just beautiful!” she says with a grin.

Artur Tadevosyan

Artur Tadevosyan

Artur has been with Competition BMW for almost two years. He was born and raised in Armenia and moved to the US in 2000.

“BMWs are nice cars with an interesting history. I love the design of every car, especially from the 70s,” says Artur. In fact, Artur owns four BMWs, two in driving condition and two are a work in progress.

Artur shares that if you push and hold the unlock button on your BMW key you can open the windows and moonroof at the same time.

Ask A Genius

Q: How do I pair my phone to my BMW using Bluetooth?

A: Make sure your phone has the Bluetooth function turned on. Go into the iDrive system in your BMW, go to Settings from the main iDrive menu.

From settings, go to “Connections” and click on Bluetooth.

Make sure the Bluetooth is checked off, ensuring it is turned on in the vehicle. Next, click “Add Device.”

Pay attention to your phone, it should say BMW with 5 digits after it. Those 5 numbers are the last 5 numbers of your PIN.

Follow the prompts and your phone should be paired!


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