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A NEW SCIENCE CALLED BRAND INTIMACY reveals how we connect with brands that have an impact on the way we live. This concept was the subject of a study by New York-based marketing firm, MBLM.

The results were based on consumer research to measure, quantify and understand how our emotions impact brand relationships and which brands are the most successful at creating these bonds.


It was reported that the most intimate brand relationship is the bond between a driver and their vehicle. Not only is there an inherent trust between man and machine, the car can also represent their status in life.

According to Mario Natarelli, Managing Partner of MBLM, “In the U.S., people were most intimate with the cars they purchased. People expressed ‘fulfillment’ and ‘identity’ with their product. This is the biggest purchase you can make that has a ‘brand.’ People love their cars. It’s an extension of their families to some degree.”



The study looked at the process and decision of purchasing a car and how well the auto brand exceeded expectations in quality, safety and the delivery of superior customer service.

According to Natarelli, “The path to developing brand intimacy begins not by developing an advertising plan but instead with self-reflection. A company really needs to know its story. And ‘brand’ isn’t some abstract idea–it filters down to each and every employee. Do they buy in to the company’s story and mission? Are they proud of what they make at the company? Do they make customers feel warm and valued?”

In addition to BMW being at the top of the list for automotive, the car giant ranked #2 in another MBLM study that rated the Top 10 Most Intimate Brands in the US for 2015:



BMW was ranked #1 in the automotive industry for the emotional connection BMW drivers experience.  A compelling finding since BMW, now the top seller of luxury vehicles in the US, accomplished this standard of excellence in just 40 years.




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