BMW i8: Step into the Future


The BMW i8—the world’s most progressive sports car—had already received widespread adulation from car experts and fans alike even before its scintillating showcase at the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan in April.

The i8 is truly one of a kind. It is BMW’s first-ever plug-in hybrid sports car, constructed primarily from lightweight carbon fiber—50-percent lighter than steel—like others in the BMW i lineup. That BMW was able to harness the concept of sustainability while maintaining its artistry and master craftsmanship without compromising its core purpose of building the ultimate driving machine is no surprise. The i8 is part of an ever-growing list of BMW models that continue to test the boundaries of innovation and design. Its stunning aesthetic, uncompromised capabilities and sheer power is unrivaled.

The sleek i8, which features a low-slung exterior, is priced at $137,450. It has a U.S. EPA rating of 76 miles per gallon combined. Unbelievably, this thoroughbred hybrid is capable of reaching 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 4.2 seconds.

The World Car Awards experts who judged the i8 praised: “The BMW i8 gasoline hybrid looks so cool, it should be the icon for all ‘Green’ cars…So it inspires Green Passion, which on paper looks like 155 mph on the i8’s three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, four-wheel-drive and four seats. The i8 adds so much enjoyment to a sensible lifestyle that it needs to be recognized as a great Green Car.”

BMW featured its line of impressive vehicles at the 2015 NY International Auto Show (Photo credit: Kafel Benn)

BMW featured its line of impressive vehicles at the 2015 NY International Auto Show (Photo credit: Kafel Benn)


Right out of the gate, you’ll notice the i8’s low and wide aerodynamic design—a distinct athletic look that inspires confidence. After all, this is a sports car. Look closer and you’ll see the i8’s unmistakable U-shaped frame and wondrous laser light technology. Its futuristic-looking scissor doors are strikingly elegant and its smooth and seamless interior provides unquestionable comfort and style.


The i8 boasts an electric motor and a gas engine, a dynamic duo that is at the heart of this master hybrid. The unique combination shatters preconceived notions of what a sports car is supposed to be—providing unmatched efficiency and dynamics. The vehicle also offers a wide array of performance options, including three separate modes: Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport.


With the i8, take comfort in knowing that the vehicle can be charged at home using the BMW i Wallbox or the charge cable, as well as at roadside charging stations. The revolutionary i8 can also locate a charging station on its own—making the driving experience stress-free and even more pleasurable.

The i8 is a new type of car—one that provides efficiency while offering all the thrills of a thunderous sports car.


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