Author Competition BMW of Smithtown

Competition BMW of Smithtown

Checkmate Magazine appeals to the competitive side of the BMW driver who views life as a journey, not a destination. Someone who defines success not by winning or losing, but by how one responds to both. Checkmate is the first of its kind, a publication written exclusively for consumers by an automotive dealership.

Competition BMW Competition. It's what drives you. Watch the Grandmaster short film now

“Grandmaster is about finding things that were lost along the way. It’s about mastering our destinies and gathering the experiences and memories that ultimately determine who we are as individuals and as families.”

Ask a Genius Rachel Rosenthal, Competition BMW Genius

Genius is all about mastery and the team of BMW Geniuses at Competition have mastered their products and features. They are also endowed with outgoing personalities and top-notch customer service skills. As BMW’s resident experts, they are responsible for helping their customers get the full use of their vehicles.

Competition BMW Frank Montalto, Service Manager

A native of St. James, Frank began his career at Competition BMW 22 years ago as a technician and rose through the ranks to now oversee their top-notch service department. Montalto’s longevity in itself is unusual, especially in the high-pressured automotive industry.

Competition BMW Magic Man: Bob Bellucci, GSM

Bob has been with Competition BMW for almost 14 years. He began his career washing cars at a Riverhead dealership as a “lot boy,” and worked his way up through the ranks to a leadership position.

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