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A native of St. James, Frank began his career at Competition BMW 22 years ago as a technician and rose through the ranks to now oversee their top-notch service department.

Montalto’s longevity in itself is unusual, especially in the high-pressured automotive industry, but the entire Competition BMW service department is operated by long-term, dedicated employees. In fact, 10 technicians have been on staff for more than a decade.

“Most guys [in this industry]jump around,” says Frank. “To have everyone stay in the same place says a lot about your management style.”

Frank Montalto, Service Manager

Frank Montalto, Service Manager

Door-to-Door Delivery

When Montalto was asked by management to raise the bar even higher by providing service above and beyond what other Long Island BMW dealerships offer, he came through by implementing a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service for maintenance or repairs.

“That service sets us apart from everyone else,” Frank says with pride.

In addition to door-to-door service, Competition BMW offers roadside assistance using their flatbed truck, the only towing option that is acceptable for the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Not only do Frank and his team provide quality service for their retail clients, they supply authentic BMW wholesale parts to many Long Island body shops for collision repairs.

Drive-In Concierge Service

When the doors to Competition BMW’s state-of-the-art service facility open, Montalto’s team goes into action. The driver doesn’t even have to leave their vehicle to get the full-service customer experience.

“Nobody on the North Shore has this kind of service area,” Frank explains.

The remodeled service department was laid out so that the service island is immediately accessible to the customer. Even the service writers’ desks are set up to better expedite service.

Frank and his skilled team are fully aware of their customers’ preferences when they check them in for service.

“Our service writers develop a relationship with their customer,” Frank says. “Nobody else takes the time the way we do.”

Frank should know.

“Some customers like to interact with us, and some want to just drop off their keys and be on their way,” he says. “You have to know your customer, and it’s our job to know their preferences.”

“Loyalty to our customer is number one,” he says.



Along with the other streamlined processes, the Competition BMW’s service team has a goal: An 8-minute drop off time for service check-in.
Montalto hopes to trim that 8-minute check-in time down even more.

“We want to start pre-writing repair orders for even less waiting,” he says. “It’s a work in progress.”

The Key is the Key

A typical service visit usually begins with a key read. “The BMW key holds all of the car’s information—the current mileage, the brakes’ condition, even if the washer fluid is low. Everything is in the key,” Frank explains.

BMW is reportedly the only carmaker that has successfully enacted this sophisticated diagnostic system.

“It’s complicated, but it works,” Frank says. And his customers’ loyalty proves that they must be doing something right.

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

BMW TeleServices offers customers peace of mind and allows them the freedom to enjoy their Ultimate Driving Machine while their vehicle automatically takes care of planning for maintenance appointments. Automatic detection of service requirements and reminders are sent electronically to the Competition BMW service department with the needed information.

“Basically the car will call us when it needs service, and then we contact the customer,” Frank says. “Sometimes they want to know how we know and we tell them, ‘Your car told us!’”

The Human Touch

TeleServices technology is impressive, but it’s the human touch that sets the Competition BMW service department apart from other dealerships. Frank’s talented, trustworthy team provides concierge service above and beyond any other dealership, hands down.

“Instead of complaints, I get calls about how good the service was,” says Montalto. “Anyone can call and complain. It’s a good feeling when customers take the time to praise you about providing great service.”


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