Are You Smarter Than A Genius?


Are You Smarter Than A Genius

Ask Jorge Urrea-Vallejo, Senior Genius at Competition BMW

Jorge Urrea-Vallejo, Senior Genius at Competition BMW, is a native of Ecuador who has lived near the Nautical Mile in Freeport with his family since he was two years old.

Jorge attended Holy Trinity High School in Hicksville and was a champion tennis player. Now married, Jorge and his wife Danielle reside in Hicksville. For more than six years, Jorge worked for a large bank in their fraud and anti-money laundering division, but the economic downturn resulted in the division being disbanded. 

Jorge says he liked the challenge of investigating the “money trail” when large amounts of counterfeit cash was moved through wire transfers.

When he began his search for a new career, he wanted to use his technological knowledge, and found the perfect fit as a Genius at Competition BMW. After undergoing extensive training, Jorge is now an on-site expert in everything BMW.  “My job is to educate clients on how to use their BMW and demonstrate its features, platforms and option packages,” he says.

Sometimes that can mean explaining the newest technology to a client who may not be very technologically savvy. But that doesn’t matter to Jorge. His desire to deliver an extraordinary customer service experience is his number one priority.

For Jorge, who has long been a BMW enthusiast, all of this is second nature. “I’ve always been interested and involved in the BMW community,” he says.  His daily driver is a 2006 3 Series M3 known for its sports car performance. (That means that Jorge likes to drive fast.) 

“I love my job, especially meeting other BMW enthusiasts,” Jorge says. “I also like to see the older generation BMW’s and talk to their owners.”

Jorge recently went to M2 training in California, and says that training on a new car is one of the best parts of his job. “I was one of the first drivers to practice driving the M2 on the track.  I got to push it to the limit at 130 mph and it held the track beautifully,”  he says.

Next on his wish list is to accompany a client to Germany for a European delivery.  “I’d love to go to Welt and then drive the Autobahn. It sounds like a wonderful experience,” he says.

Jorge is both a teacher and customer experience specialist who can turn questions into answers and problems into solutions. Jorge says the main question he’s asked is about Bluetooth connectivity, and he treats every question like it was his first.

“There’s no rush,” he says. “I take my time to explain the process and ensure that the client knows exactly how everything works.”

European Delivery


For a first drive that you’ll never forget, forego the Long Island Expressway and take your first spin on the famed European Autobahn.

Fly to Germany where you’ll be picked up in Munich for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. European Delivery ensures exclusive offers, including a factory tour, BMW Museum tour and more.

Select a Driving Adventure package (there are five to choose from), indulge yourself in a world-class vacation and then meet your BMW back in the US. The Sampler Serenade package is for those who have three to four days to travel and includes The Black Forest, Castle Road or you can design your own itinerary. For those who have five to six days to travel, there is Lakeside Luxury, Castles and Mozart and Spa, Sport & Drive. 
All accomodations are 5-star.

When your tour is over, select from a dozen drop off locations in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium.  Then, head home and your BMW will arrive in the US shortly.

For information on the BMW European Delivery Program, ask Jorge or you client advisor for details.



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