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Rudy Alanis 

If you service your vehicle at Competition BMW, chances are you know Rudy Alanis, the Assistant Service Manager, who has been with the dealership for more than 14 years.

“I studied Automotive Engineering at Farmingdale College and went right into the industry and have been in this business for more than 30 years,” he says.

Alanis resides in Bay Shore with his wife and three children. He volunteers with the Brentwood Fire Department and in his off-time loves to fish out of Captree.

His daughter Sydney, 18, attends Farmingdale College and son, Nicky, 12, is in junior high school.  His oldest daughter Shelby, 19, is a Business Development Representative at Competition BMW.

When asked about the origins of Shelby’s name, Alanis says that after watching the movie Steel Magnolias, his wife announced that she wanted to name their baby Shelby after the character played by Julia Roberts.

Alanis says he agreed wholeheartedly, with a smile: “I love Ford Mustangs, so the name Shelby was absolutely fine with me!”

At Competition BMW, it’s Alanis’ job to establish a critical and ongoing relationship with his clients, and he becomes their personal link to the service end of owning a BMW. 

Typically Alanis will bring the client into the shop to go over the vehicle and then discuss what’s covered by the warranty and what might be needed outside of warranty.

It’s easy for Alanis to leave a positive impression with a client, as his entire family drives BMWs.

“I believe that my clients appreciate my loyalty to BMW. My family loves this product.  My daughters  and I drive a 3-Series and my wife drives a 5-Series,” he says. 

Alanis says that Competition BMW is different than other dealerships:  “This is a great place to work.  We’ve been in this business a long time, and we’re very down to Earth.” 

By providing exclusive concierge support for his clients, Alanis takes ownership of their experience and helps them to understand the value of maintaining their BMW.

“We absolutely cater to our clients. We pick up and deliver their cars, have extended service hours and offer many other perks that no other dealerships offer,” he says. 

Helga Carroll

Helga Carroll decided early on in her career that she wanted to be an indispensable and invaluable employee, the kind of person everyone wants on their team.

She began working at Competition BMW more than 10 years ago and is now the dealership’s Finance Manager, a position once considered to be in an exclusively male-dominated field.

She has moved past that stereotype and through perseverance, her small successes have added up to big wins.

“The owners are great people.  They believed in me and gave me a chance to succeed and in doing so, I have earned the trust and respect of my clients and my peers,” she says.

Her job demands the need for creativity, finesse and problem solving to produce additional revenue by selling after-market and after-sale parts and warranties to clients purchasing or leasing new and used vehicles.

“People want to buy aftermarket parts like rims and winter tires, tow hitches, DVD systems, things like that,” she says, adding, “We work hand in hand with the parts  department.”

Helga must be on top of her game in regards to providing her clients

with a thorough explanation of what products are available, their use with these exceptional vehicles and the warranties associated with them. Plus, she must have the latest knowledge of BMW’s policies and procedures on the manufacturing and service sides.

She also processes finance and lease transactions through financial resources to secure approval.  Helga has to be quick and efficient in order to match up individual client’s credit and payment needs with available financing programs.

For Helga, working in a fast-paced environment is the perfect complement for her “can-do” personality.

“Any time there are new warranties, parts or other information that’s been released and is pertinent to my job, I take it upon myself to learn about them,” she says.


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